Monday, April 1, 2013

the only mascara you will ever buy again and again and again!

the only mascara you will ever buy again! bold statement right? i stand by it.
i gasped when i read the first paragraph of liliana’s post: “i’m obsessed, and not just “sort of” obsessed, but inappropriately obsessed with lashes. when i see great eyes, i’m always wondering what’s their secret? how can i get long, voluminous lashes like her?”   i thought to myself “she can see inside my soul!” needless to say, i rushed out to purchase this mascara panacea she wrote about and all i can say, between tears of happiness, is that she was beyond generous in sharing this magical potion.  so magical is this mascara that eyelash extensions need not apply and will be thing of the past. the length, the volume, the voluptuousness it produces, the perfect coats…. this mascara is just everything! i admit that i have made this claim about other mascaras but l’oreal’s voluminous power volume 24h mascara truly exceeded my expectations.
available at major drugstores
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