Friday, April 19, 2013

5 little luxuries

the hare with amber eyes: a hidden inheritance  by edmund de waal is currently on my nightstand book rotation. i recommended the title to a very esteemed english friend who responded,“thank you. i have read it already. my father loved it when he could still read” i think you will have the same response.
jonathan adler had me at happy chic. i swooped up the most darling double old fashioned glasses appropriately named elizabeth.
allow us to introduce you to sōsh, a free restaurant- and activity-recommending site and iphone app (already popular in san francisco) that just arrived in nyc.

really loving the free tempo app (from the makers of siri) it’s a calendar virtual assistant! you need directions to your meeting? done. here is a google map. it literally multi-tasks any calendar entry and invite. maps, related documents, dial in info, passwords. even sends out a pre-written “running late” messages
i became intrigued about the benefits of apple cider vinegar after reading this post and made a mental note to pick up a bottle. after stroll through whole foods i discovered the bragg organic apple cider vinegar all natural drink with honey and i am now hooked. its too soon to document any of the health claims but i feel myself releasing weight and my skin clearing (i know its wishful thinking but hey…) you better believe i will be documenting the results.

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