Friday, April 5, 2013

5 little luxuries

my beloved niece, aka coquette is getting married in mexico in june! (side note: my niece’s upcoming nuptials inspired me to give birth to a new edition in the casa naranja media empire, casa naranja bodas. more on that later.). i have precisely 9 weeks to get impossibly fit! i am banking on the combat workout program, by the same people who bought you p90x and insanity so… here’s hoping...  anyhoos a few days into my challenge, i became a little self-conscious about jumping; so to maintain neighborly harmony, purchased this extra thick foam exercise mat. will keep you posted on the 60 day challenge results.
if you live in nyc and ride the subway you know it’s best not to think about who sat in the seat much less who pawed the poles and stairwells.  i briefly toyed with wearing gloves and a surgical mask but it created a host of vanity issues. with the motif citrus zest and ginger hand and face wipes i picked up at duane reade, i bring my own sunshine to an otherwise drab and germ infested commute.
you know that lip hue you strive for when you want to look like you are not wearing any makeup- that impossibly natural and dewy look ? the lip color you achieve when you have been outdoors and have coyly biten your lip? well guess what- it exists and it’s neutrogena revitalizing lip balm in sunny berry.
spring has arrived (well not really in nyc but) and so has my new fiery orange red lip color, and get this, the color is called french martini from face stockholm for j.crew. my two loves combined in a lip color.  now that s what i call a happy spring!

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