Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cuban Roots/ Bronx Stories

Wednesday, December 6th 7:30 pm
Room 517, Hamilton Hall, Columbia University,
116th St. and Broadway

Cuban Roots/ Bronx Stories

Director: Pam Sporn. Original music by Óscar Hernández. 2000. 57min. Documentary.

This film reconstructs the story of an African-descended family from Cuba that arrived in the United States shortly after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in the early 1960s. When his father goes back to Cuba for the first time in more than 30 years, Pablo decides to explore his Afro-Latino identity. Through successive layers of archival material, verité footage and the narrator’s own memories, Cuban Roots / Bronx Stories weaves a complex narrative of personal and historical events that challenge various racial and ethnic stereotypes.

Special guest: Pam Sporn. Moderator: Claudio Iván Remeseira, Hispanic New York Seminar of the American Studies Program, Columbia University.

Free admission. English subtitles

Balenciaga, on sale!!!

Balenciaga is on sale baby!!!
542 W. 22nd St., nr. Eleventh Ave. (212-206-0872);
Mon.–Sat. (11–7); Sun. (noon–5).

You are Invited to the NYRemezcla Launch Party

Live Performances by Monareta and Zigmat, a Special Set by Los Amigos Invisible’s DJ Afro, Food, Cocktails and More will be Featured at the Official Launch Party

Join us as we celebrate at the website’s official launch party.

Complimentary food, cocktails, and music will be a part of the celebration.

Please RSVP by December 4, 2006 to

Please see invitation attached.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Industria Argentina: 20% off entire check

Industria Argentina: 20% off entire check
Cuisine: Argentinean, South American
Category: Upscale Dining
Neighborhood: Tribeca, NYC

This popular Tribeca hot spot boasts a sleek, airy dining room adorned with furniture flown in directly from Argentina, as well as authentic Argentinean cuisine, featuring dishes from every region of Argentina. Menu specials include free range beef, prepared in a brick oven or on the grill as well as great variety of fish and seafood. Menu highlights include the beautiful grilled meat selection served for two, the "Corte Carnicero" style Rib Eye, and a Whole Branzino. To make your experience even more exciting, don't miss the flavorful appetizers or the extensive Argentinean wine list with a wonderful selection of Malbecs. Click below to get this DiningFever exclusive now and take up to 20% off your entire check.

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DVF Sample Sale

I felt coflicted about posting information about this sale, but I decided to be selfless and share this information with everyone.

Shoes! Té Casan! Tell me More...

1. Raised-seam heel, by Manuela Filipovic, $265. 2. Chain-mail heel, by Gaetano Perrone, $725. 3. Grosgrain bow pump, by Gianluca Soldi, $285. 4. Art Deco hells, by Manuela Filipovic, $325. 5. Evening shoe, by Fay.B, $255. 6. Satin bow slingback, by Gianluca Soldi, $275. 7. Stretch bootie, by Zoe Lee, $315. 8. Satin bow mule, by Gianluca Soldi, $250.
(Photo: Courtesy of Té Casan) says
It’s bigger than Capitale! If you have not yet heard of Té Casan, and if you like shoes, you soon will: It’s a 5,500-square-foot, chandelier-hung, glass-staircased Soho store filled with nothing but women’s shoes.

But what is this brand?
The shoes are by seven young designers you’ve never heard of—they were plucked from the obscurity of big-name design studios like Alexander McQueen, Versace, Dries van Noten, and Vivienne Westwood by an Israeli mogul named Yaron Kopel, who made his fortune running the Israeli version of Teleflora, as well as Microsoft Israel. It’s a multinational, hyper-ambitious, and somewhat bewildering project. Kopel installed his shoemaker dream team in Barcelona, for no other reason than that the creative director, Asil Attar, likes the city’s aesthetics. Each designer is supposed to come up with one new style every week—putting Té Casan on roughly the same production schedule as H&M. To further strain the production chain, Kopel claims there will be 50 more Té Casans worldwide in the next five years.

Speaking of H&M, how much are these shoes?
Higher than Nine West, but much lower than Manolo. The prices hover in the $200s. (For comparison’s sake, basic black Christian Louboutin pumps are about $500.)

So what’s the draw?
Original design, for one. Plus, all the shoes are limited editions; no more than 74 of each style will be made, which means once they’re sold, there’s no such thing as a reorder.

How is the design?
It runs the gamut from trendy trainers to bridesmaid-able. But first look says they lack the sophistication of, say, Manolo or Louboutin and the on-trend fashion savvy of Prada or Chloé. And while they may be cheaper, they’re still not cheap: $300 is a lot to pay for shoes by someone you’ve never heard of.

Could this possibly work?
The brand’s kooky “Free to Be You and Me” thing is undeniably appealing. And the marketing plan includes making stars of the designers, in a Project Runway-esque move. “If one of the designers is a schizo or suicidal, we’re going to let you know,” says Ron Pompei, the stores’ designer (and the man who gave Anthropologie its scruffy-cool vibe). But at the end of the day, they’re going to have to move a whole lot of stack-heeled boots to make that Soho rent.

382 W. Broadway, nr. Spring St.; 212-584-8000
Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

NoBox is hiring


Nobox ( is an award winning interactive agency dedicated to developing Internet marketing strategies to help market leaders acquire and retain customers. Some of Nobox’s major clients include Mozilla-Firefox, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Verizon Wireless, Procter & Gamble and Banco Popular.

Art Director Position

As an art director at Nobox you will be responsible for creative tasks related to a wide range of online projects. You will work directly with the creative department on developing concepts and designs for websites, online campaigns, e-mails, mini sites and online games. This position requires excellent design and presentation skills, superb creativity as well as a highly developed attention to detail. You should be a team player who can contribute in brainstorms, and work with other creatives through project development.


• Award winning creative executions, and creativity
• Strong collaborative skills and the ability to work well with teams
• Attention to detail
• Interactive experience required
• Expertise in Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash (a bonus)
• Must be bilingual (English and Spanish)

Please send in your resume with examples of work to (links to projects, or lo-res screenshot attachments).

Production Assistant

As a Production Assistant in our company responsibilities include but are not limited to: gathering pertinent information and creating comprehensive documents for production development needs, entering project’s and updating in a Time Management System, tracking deadlines/development, etc.


• Experience managing multiple projects at the same time
• Extremely detail oriented
• Self starter
• Self-motivated
• Problem Solver
• Leadership skills
• Highly Organized
• Capable of working independently
• Have the ability to learn quickly and grasp concepts
• Microsoft office experience
• Internet marketing knowledge.
• Strong written and verbal communications skills.
• Bachelor Degree in related field. Minimum of 2 years professional experience. Experience in managing technology projects is a plus.

Please send in your resume for review to

Jr. Web developer

As a Jr. Web Developer at Nobox you will be directly involved in the creation of projects for our clients. You will work hand in hand with the creative and production management teams to assist in the creation of banners, animations, Html/XHtml, Flash, Actionscript, JavaScript and CSS styles for our sites and promotions. You’ll also work with layouts from creative and the process of translating them to the web.


• Html/XHtml
• JavaScript
• Adobe Flash & Actionscript
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Some Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks Experience
• Some Adobe Illustrator/Freehand Experience
• Detail oriented
• Good time management skills
• Highly Organized
• Must be bilingual (English and Spanish)

Please send in your resume with examples of work (links to projects, or lo-res screenshot attachments)

Executive Assistant

As the Executive Assistant at Nobox you will be in charge of office duties such as faxing, some computer work, sorting and distributing mail and incoming packages, answering and directing phone calls and visits from clients. Maintain and schedule meetings with clients inside and outside the office facilities. Organize and stock office supplies, coordinate company activities, monitor personnel attendances, vacation schedules, sick days, among others. Provide support for Management.


• Skilled user of electronic communications, document creation, information management, and new office technologies.
• Well organized, results driven team part.
• Creativeness, willingness and eagerness to accept new responsibilities and challenges with enthusiasm.
• Able to work well under pressure as well as with minimum supervision.
• Productiveness under the pressure of multiple-task assignments,
• Fully bilingual (Spanish/English), with excellent oral and business writing
communications skills.
• Computer knowledge (MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
• Self starter
• Self-motivated
• 2 plus years experience in office administration.

Please send in your resume to

If you interested in joining our award winning team contact us thru

Monday, November 27, 2006

Spanish Cinema Now! at Lincoln Center Dec 8-26 2006

Spanish Cinema Now
December 8 – 26, 2006
Lincoln Center the Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam
Plaza Level, NYC

Buy Tickets

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, 2006; 105m
Fri Dec 8: 2 & 6:30
Sun Dec 10: 6:20

Crossing the Border
Un Franco, 14 pesetas
Carlos Iglesias, 2006; 105m
Fri Dec 8: 4:15
Sat Dec 9: 4:50
Tue Dec 12: 1

Celia's Lives
Las vidas de Celia
Antonio Chavarrías, 2006; 101m
Fri Dec 8: 9
Sat Dec 9: 7

Agustín Díaz Yanes, 2006; 135m
Sat Dec 9: 2
Sun Dec 10: 8:30

Welcome Home
Bienvenido a casa
David Trueba, 2006; 118m
Sat Dec 9: 9:15
Sun Dec 10: 2
Tue Dec 12: 3:10

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks
La Torre de los siete jorobados
Edgar Neville, 1944; 90m
Sun Dec 10: 4:30
Wed Dec 13: 3:30

Life Hanging by a Thread
La vida en un hilo
Edgar Neville, 1945; 92m
Wed Dec 13: 1:30
Sun Dec 17: 4

The Night of the Sunflowers
La Noche de los girasoles
Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo, 2006; 123m
Thurs Dec 14: 2 & 6:30
Sat Dec 16: 8

Lady Nitwit
La dama boba
Manuel Iborra, 2006; 98m
Thurs Dec 14: 4:30 & 9
Sat Dec 16: 2

Honor de Cavelleria
Albert Serra, 2006; 111m
Fri Dec 15: 2 & 6:20
Thurs Dec 21: 6:15

The Education of Fairies
La educación de hadas
José Luis Cuerda, 2006; Spain/France/ Argentina; 103m
Fri Dec 15: 4:15*
Sat Dec 16: 5:45*
*Currently not available

Fri Dec 15: 8:30
Sun Dec 17: 2

Carnival Sunday
Domingo de Carnaval
Edgar Neville, 1945; 83m
Sat Dec 16: 4
Tue Dec 19: 1:30
Tue Dec 26: 5

Round Two
Segundo Asalto
Daniel Cebrián, 2005; 104m
Sun Dec 17: 9
Wed Dec 20: 2 & 6:10

The Crime on Bordadores Street
El crimen de la calle de Bordadores
Edgar Neville, 1946; 93m
Tue Dec 19: 3:15
Sat Dec 23: 3:40

7 Virgins
7 vírgenes
Alberto Rodriguez, 2004; 86m
Wed Dec 20: 4:15 & 8:15

Salvador (Puig Antich)
Manuel Huerga, 2006; 134m
Sun Dec 17: 6:00
Thurs Dec 21: 1:30
Sat Dec 23: 1

Out of Here
Vete de mí
Víctor García León, 2006; 90m
Thurs Dec 21: 4 & 9
Sat Dec 23: 5:45
Sun Dec 24: 1

Lo que sé de Lola
Javier Rebollo, Spain/France, 2006; 110m
Fri Dec 22: 2 & 6:15
Sat Dec 23: 8

The Magicians
La doble vida del faquir
Esteban Riambau & Elisabet Cabeza, 2005; 94m
Fri Dec 22: 4:15 & 8:30
Sun Dec 24: 5:15

Duende y misterio del flamenco
Edgar Neville, 1952; 75m
preceded by
Edgar Neville, 1941; 30m
Sun Dec 24: 3
Tue Dec 26: 1 & 8:45

The Last Horse
El último caballo
Edgar Neville, 1950; 85m
Tue Dec 26: 3:10 & 6:40

Spanish Paintings at the Guggenheim Museum, from El Greco to Picasso November 17 2006-March 28 2007

Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth, and History brings together for the first time works by the great Spanish masters of the 16th through the 20th centuries: Francisco de Zurbarán, Diego Velázquez, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Francisco de Goya, Juan Gris, Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and many others, as well as El Greco and Pablo Picasso

We LOVE Marcha Latina parties!

Next Saturday December 2nd, the last Marcha Latina of 2oo6 at PACHA.
Come to experience another Momento Chivas.


where PACHA 618 West 46th Street @ 11th Ave.

time 11:00 PM - 4:00 AM MAP

REPLY to RSVP and guarantee your entrance
NOTE the Club has 3 entrances, MARCHA LATINA will have one
assigned for its guests with a $10 cover. (Access to PACHA $30)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Joaquín Cortés performs in NYC Dec 11-22




Palace Theatre
1554 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Tickets: 212-307-4100

Visit Theatre Mania
Regular Price: $86.50 - $101.50 Tickets
TheaterMania Discount: $66.50 Tickets!
Value: You Save up to 35%!

Monday 8:00pm / Tuesday 8:00pm / Thursday 8:00pm / Friday 8:00pm / Saturday 8:00pm / Sunday 5:00pm


Orchestra and mezzanine tickets only $66.50 (regular prices $101.50-86.50) with this special offer for performances Dec. 11, 12, 14, 18, 19 and 21 only.*

"His dancing can simmer, smolder or
erupt volcanically!"

World renowned flamenco dancer JOAQUÍN CORTÉS - hailed as "the very best of his generation" by Spain's El Pais newspaper - returns to New York City to make his Broadway stage debut with his acclaimed solo show, MI SOLEDAD, in a strictly limited engagement at the Palace Theatre.

MI SOLEDAD (My Solitude) is a unique 90-minute fusion of flamenco dance, music and song. Accompanied by a live ten-piece orchestra and a seven-member vocal ensemble combining the musical rhythms of jazz, classical and flamenco, Cortés takes audiences on an intimate and provocative journey through one man's soul.

Already an international phenomenon, JOAQUÍN CORTÉS: MI SOLEDAD has triumphantly played many of the world's capital cities since its Mexico City premiere last year, including sold-out engagements in London, Venice, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Lisbon, Lima, Madrid, Kiev, Moscow, Barcelona, Caracas and Buenos Aires.
For more information visit

Friday, November 24, 2006

Everything you need to know about Black Friday 2006



7 For All Mankind and LaROK, two favorites of the super-chic set, are opening an INTERACTIVE pop up store for two weeks featuring their hottest and newest goodies for the holiday season. Come one, come all and join in the merriment of shopping ‘till your hearts content!

Dates: Monday, November 27th thru Sunday, December 10th
Location: 62 Greene Street (btwn Spring and Broome)
Time: 11am – 8pm daily
For more information, please email


Showroom Seven Sample Sale
498 Seventh Ave, 24th Floor
bet 36th and 37th Streets
212 643-4810

We accept: AMEX/VISA/MC/Cash

Monday, December 4th through Friday, December 15th
Weekdays and Saturdays 10 am to 7 pm.
Please bring photo id for building access.

Please find the following sample sale highlights:
-Erickson Beamon: "Black Magic" jet draped bib necklace: S7 $226 / Ret $565 @ Barneys.
-Orla Kiely: Black Silk baby doll party dress: S7 $180 / Ret $450.
-Orla Kiely: Laminated Winterberry print hold-all bag with leather trim: S7$189 / Ret $365 @ Takashimaya.
-Charlotte: Black leather ruched evening bomber jacket with knit sleeves: S7 $250/ Ret $600 @Intermix.
-Bracher Emden: Beyoncé's favorite new bags: swarovski studded clutches and evening bags: S7 $456 / Ret $1140 @ Henri Bendels.
-ISSA: Floor length feather print silk jersey hostess dress: S7 $220 / Ret $450 @ Saks Fifth Avenue.
-Elisa Antheniense: Paillette evening clutch: S7 $329 / Ret $750 @Searle.
-A&G Cashmere: Biker / Tattoo print Long sleeve T shirt: S7 $35 / Ret $75 @ Barneys.
-Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit: Suede wedge pumps: S7 $90 / Ret 220 @ Intermix.
-Tee Party: Long Sleeve Toile print T shirt with romantic motif S7 $29 / Ret $72 @ Neiman Marcus.
-Michael H: Rock n' Roll Denim: S7 $75 / Ret $187 @Atrium.
-Sanimi - French lace peekaboo cocktail dress: S7 $285 / Ret $720.
-Ashish n Soni - Strapless gold brocade cocktail dress: S7 $275 / Ret $ 687

YSL deal not to be missed