Friday, August 24, 2012

5 little luxuries

image: austin sugar works 
i stumbled on these banners via snippet & ink and i simply had to order. they are so adorable i am planning a party around them!

have you ever? i nearly fell out of my chair! i am so styling my champagne cocktails with these ginger lion’s head sugars.

i buy mustela wipes in bulk and use them in every conceivable way!

i found the perfect leopard bib necklace to say “welcome fall”  ~via

granted it isn’t one of my most exciting purchases but it definitely keeps the plumber away…the cleverly named “handyzip-it drain cleaning tool”

Saturday, August 18, 2012

happy weekend!


fight acne with these surprising skin savers
can you guess that i am battling an acne flare up this week and desperate for solutions? J
10 unconventional ways to hang art
it seems that brooklyn is having its moment so i present to you “the 10 best date spotsin brooklyn “
i always can always count on snippet & ink to help me discover the most irresistiblepaper sites.
Less is more: 15 pieces of furniture you may not really need
sniff your way to paradise with these 15 heavenly home scents
weekend goodies via creature comforts: free printable postcard by kelesy garrity-riley

Friday, August 17, 2012

5 little luxuries

image: bella foster
hoping lindsay who copied sarah doesn’t mind me copying her and buying this bella foster print for my kitchen!
inspired by emily’s beauty post i was able to solve my own bathroom product overload dilemma and add some wall visual to boot – acrylic racks!
purchased these because i am hoping that by wearing really skinny pants i will magically become really skinny J
you know i am all for love, in fact i am hoping that this christmas brings me cartier’s love bracelet but in the meantime this gorg one will do.
i am envisioning hosting many brunches come fall and this adorable waffle maker is quite irresistible for such a purpose.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy weekend!

image here via apartment #34 
energy boosting tips from dr. oz.  who cant use more energy?

fitness in a glass of juice! umm, sign me up. really outdid themselves curating their free  2012 summer cookbook!

your tub will never be whiter. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

5 little luxuries

i fancy myself an amateur photographer, my camera being my iphone of course. well this $15 bandjust may elevate me to the big time!

no i was not inspired by the references in "50 shades…" I was inspired by the filmtrishna” to pick up a copy of tess of d’urbervilles

after viewing this how-to video on applying cream blush for an airbrushed effect, well, i am sure you can surmise that i purchased the mac blush she used..

i am pleased as punch that after many missteps (its taken me practically all summer) i finally found the perfect “jcrew poppy lip” i have been coveting all summer! not surprising my poppy pout is courtesy of mac and is aptly called lady danger.

Friday, August 3, 2012

5 little luxuries

original chanel boutique in paris illustration for my bathroom.

a new medical app because I have been known to send myself in a tizzy while self diagnosing thanks to google….

a perfect liner/shadow combo for emergency afternoon touch ups from an unexpected brand!

a bottle of leblon cachaca to make these bad boys

stumbled on this must-have water pitcher while searching for simply syrup recipes.