Wednesday, May 22, 2013

flamenco and paella at la nacional

la nacional paella restaurant presents:
miercoles flamenco!
every wednesday nightat la nacional restaurant (downstairs )
all the artist performing are of top quality and bring there experience & professionalism to the stage. each artist with there unique talent will take you on a magical journey. a dialogue of music & dance crossing the boundaries of traditional flamenco and a blending of musical styles. miercoles flamenco is based on the concept that each performer has an artistic voice & something special to express!!.
time 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
239 west 14th street ( between 7th & 8th ave.)
new york, ny, 10011
212 243 -9308
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

feliz weekend!

image: into the gloss

easily brighten your whites with a little lemon juice
the french woman to emulate: garance dorĂ©

Friday, May 17, 2013

5 little luxuries

image: zara

talk about a blast from the past. i met up with a friend who i consider an arbiter of style. when i got a whiff of her, i asked, in a conspirational whisper(knowing how secretive some of us are about their perfume) “what fragrance are you wearing? it can’t be? is it? is it loves baby soft?” it turns out she was wearing chloe. so the next day i went to sephora, tried it but alas it didn’t quite smell the same on me. so i followed my initial olfactory reaction instinct and purchased love’s baby soft. it takes me back to the 7th grade (very likely one of the only great memories of that time) and i love, love, love the fresh, powdery scent.
am doing a semi cleanse (more on this later)and having this cashew milk as dinner replacement.
the simplest ingredients can create a diy obsession-worthy body scrub! i made mine using coconut oillime essential oil, lime rind and sugar and find myself showering over and over because i cant get enough of the scent and the glow it gives my skin.
i took a cue from erin’s (apartment 34) latest post and quickly purchased and anointed this my official summer sandal. gorge, right?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

feliz weekend!

image: courtesy of kristen loken

fatigue facts: 5 things that make you tired
punch-drunk love:a spirited cocktail for your cinco de mayo party
how to bake flat cake layers
woo! there's now a restoration hardware outlet in queens
reason 100,000,001 we love jenna lyons! “how jenna lyons transformed j.crew into a cult brand”
5 luxe perks you didn't think you could afford
because not enough tutorials exist on this subject: easy ways to use liquid liner

Friday, May 3, 2013

5 little luxuries

ummm,  do you notice the theme of my little luxuries this week…..
tickets to “scatter my ashes at bergdorf’s” can. not. wait. to. see it!
because I need more handsome, intelligent, brooding men in my life and apt.
went to the blue note jazz club to listen to michel camilo perform. was feeling so jazzy and sassy, i ordered french martinis. needless to say,i will be serving french martinis. at all my soirees this week.
am quite giddy because of this luxurious little purchase: tickets to book launch of let’s explore diabetes with owls by david sedaris! yes, i am going to listen to the david sedaris read live!!! can you tell i am excited about this? (if you can’t make it  he will be atmcnally jackson books – 52 prince st btwn lafayette/mulberry on friday, may 10)
inspired by my upcoming jarabe de palo concert i wanted a real bold lip color that signaled “fierce woman in front row”. thanks to this fushia flash i just may be pulled onto the stage!