Saturday, June 29, 2013

feliz weekend!

image: whowhatwear 
look for less: super-chic pj’s
15 ways to debloat asap
summer vacation packing check list
what a clever party trick.
best cheap eats: 10 restaurants to eat on a budget in nyc
hilarious: comedians in cars getting coffee
wedding seasons is here and moment junkie curates some of the most moving pic documenting the blessed event.
tips for taking better food photos when you travel
the 50 books everyone needs to read, 1963-2013
so need one of these tubs installed pronto!
eight places to do outdoor yoga, pilaets, or tai chi in nyc
yet a more comprehensive guide to free outdoor fitness classes
an a-to-z guide to celine and jesse’s conversations in before sunrise and before sunset
eerily accurate personality test. my true self was revealed to be a benevolent dreamer!
very handy tip: how-to cuff your sleeves the j.crew way
bumped from a flight? know your rights
the next mark zuckerberg
gorgeous free chalkboard printable via snippet & ink
10 ways over-thinking destroys your happiness
file under “why didn’t i think of that?!” a food hugger kickstarter project via cheapchicas
get a zabar’s picnic for two for only $25 (reg $35) with this code SSZE1
seth godin speaks on a few things….
so manymanymany great weekend travel deals!