Tuesday, April 2, 2013

cocktails are served…the peruvian victory

peru …just mention the name, and it evokes thoughts of a delicate ceviche, the rugged andes, the mystical ruins of machu picchu and the lyrical spiritualism of mario vargas llosa. but now, peru is also a country of champions, with its footballers recently besting chile and trinidad in the 2014 fifa south american world cup qualifiers. (allow us to also point out that they are very sweaty, toned and muscular champions …but that is for another post). of course, a proper champion deserves a proper cocktail homage. and so, we present to you…
the peruvian victory
created by jp gwozdz, sportsmen lodge
1 1/2 parts portón pisco
1 part fresh lime juice
in a shaker, muddle two slices of cucumber and a few basil leaves.
add portón and fresh lime juice. shake and strain into glass.
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