Saturday, September 29, 2012

feliz weekend!

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i need to watch this tutorial again and again and again, how to: fold a fitted sheet
cultivating your elusive creative genius

freedom: create your own legacy

concerts and events in central park this fall
40 ways to create peace of mind

Friday, September 28, 2012

5 little luxuries

i am not sure if you noticed that i am quite committed to my cocktail bar as well as collecting art work- this brass bottle opener is a true object d’art and combines both devotions beautifully.

pre-ordered instant happy: 10-second attitude makeovers by karen salmansohn (follow her on facebook).

this past weekend i decided to welcome fall by making pumpkin bread pudding.  since i plan on making it again and again and again, i felt it only right to get baking dish worthy of such deliciousness.

the herringbone storage tote from target is such a stellar addition to my living room. it is as utilitarian as it is chic (notice the “leather” handle) and in true target fashion is high on luxe and low on price ($28.00 people!!!!)

experiencing a hi/low moment with rotation of mascaras. my normal (i-know-its-pricey-but-cant-live-without) mascara 38˚c eyelash base ($28) and mascara 38˚c ($32) from sensai by kanebo ran out so decided to give maybelline xxl pro volume a whirl. i’ll let you know if it lives up to my beloved kanebo.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

feliz weekend!

post cards made with my bad-ass girls in mind

these wedding photos are insane. ~via a cup of jo~
glorious recipes to savor  

apartment makeover! How to make every room look new again

photo tours of six new york neighborhoods

awesome, awesome post! six months’ worth of blog content in just two steps

Friday, September 21, 2012

5 little luxuries

image: gloss studio
tickets to view “diana vreeland: the eye has to travel”  I am absolutely giddy with anticipation!

not sure where I will be showcasing but I am buck wild for these painted antlers.

while “leafing” thru lonnymag i stopped, gasped and quickly clicked on to etsy to purchase the ultimate fall luxury purchase,  a navy blue pearlized snakeskin cuff bracelet

i find myself taking many, many notes for projects i am dreaming up and this is the perfect little notebook to organize them in.

am always looking to elevate the grown up version of birthday-cupcakes-at-school and i found the perfect “ta-da!” surprise, boozy cupcakes from prohibition bakery in nyc!  the crowd pleasers were the white russian cupcake (kahlua, vodka, coffee) and the car bomb (whiskey, bailey’s, stout, chocolate)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

feliz weekend!

advice from a pro organizer: fall closet cleaning

if downton abbey were in nyc: see brooke astor’s estate before its auctioned off at sotheby’s

ohhh my beloved oscar de la renta got fierce on cathy horyn.

these wedding photos are insane. ~via a cup of jo~

glorious recipes to savor 

Friday, September 14, 2012

5 little luxuries

dinner party season is upon us so i am stocking up on party essentials.

my gorg (i am really modest!) bar cart has been missing the perfect cocktail shaker. i was holding out until i found the one. well my search is over….the bullet cocktail shakerserves a glam cocktail and serves as a conversation (phallus anyone?)starter.

metallic paper for a diy printable candle wraps (used with battery operated candles) that i intend on using for above dinner parties.

am loving the ambre vanillé laura mercier honey bath! it truly elevates the bath experience.

my battle with acne continues, the fight has lessened but still… clever opponent that i am i have armed myself with the ultimate pièce de résistance in lerosett’s natural clay mask! i dabbed some on the pesky problem spots last night and ta-da they are gone today!

perfect cubes for my guests that prefer their scotch on the rocks.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

happy weekend!

image: this is glamorous

september back-to-school/work checklist
five ways to prep for fall

traveling tips from emily of

a lot of fuss for just sitting and watching at new york fashion week
carine roitfeld just gave birth!

18 brand-new nyc restaurants to start loving now

style inspiration: pink canopy beds & fancying a night in

Friday, September 7, 2012

5 little luxuries

between the back-to-school excitement and nyfw my little luxury purchases this week are focused on books, books on fashion and items that I deem fashionable…

my coffee table and i are currently obsessed with scott schuman’s the sartorialist: closer

shopping the cartier collection isn’t feasible this week but my double panther ring will tie me over nicely.

if I had to choose just one thing to buy this entire season j.crew’s classic link braceletwould be it!

insurance against the copious wine that has and will be poured this week at the hundreds of events we have/are attending… the wash and stain bar 

i arrived fashionable late to the orgasm party but am i glad i finally made it! this blush is simply everything!! i find myself re-applying just because…