Friday, March 30, 2007

We HEART Ojos De Brujo, now you can too.

Ojos de Brujo - 'Sultanas de Merkaillo'
Listen To Sultanas de Merkaillo

Catalan ensemble Ojos de Brujo combine flamenco influences with bhangra, hip-hop, reggae, Latin, soul and funk. 'Sultanas de Merkaillo' is a song taken from their latest album and shows off their fiercely independent gypsy spirit. The album, 'Techari', is an ambitious, self-produced journey, and represents Ojos de Brujo's maverick style and dedication to pushing the boundaries of their sound.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Ovando Flowers

We have been meaning to bring to your attention another fabulous Latin discovery we have made: Ovando Flowers. Sandra de Ovando is the mexicana behind
Apparently word of mouse just reviewed them and concured.

What are they great at and why?
Rare, exotic blooms, arranged so fabulously your jaw will drop.

Creator Sandra de Ovando is beyond genius - a ball of white flowers effortlessly floating in a tall glass cylinder, a pillow of petals, an elegant row of full rose buds magically floating in a long, narrow, rectangular, glass container.

Yes, they do weddings and events.

You can also send flowers from there and whatever you send will always cause a stir and make someone scream, "I never saw anything like this! Ever!"

Consider it the "Moss" of flowers. The window displays of the store are outrageously chic - they stop me in my tracks every day.

For modernists only. To me that's not a shortcoming, but to a traditionalist, it may be.
Prices start at about $150. But it's worth every cent.

Insider tips
Send someone an arrangement when you want to impress.
They do plant arrangements too.
Get something colorful- the all-white thing has gotten played out.
Sent an arrangement once to Zac Posen, who is constantly receiving flowers, and everyone in the office called me, freaking out about how incredible it was.
What are they perfect for
Those with discerning taste who have seen it all and beg for something new.
Gucci and Armani hire Ovando to do events.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Toledos:Marriage in Fashion Heaven

Apparently we aren't the only ones who are big fans and are keeping a close watch on the Toledos:

The marriage of Isabel and Ruben Toledo is a typical New York love affair. As Cuban immigrants they met in Spanish class in a West New York high school, became best friends, fell in love after graduation, got married, and started a design company. Theirs is a design company of opposites: While Ruben created whimsical, surrealist fashion illustrations, Isabel crafted shapely, organic clothes. Paying mathematical precision to pattern construction and cut, Isabel's avant-garde sensibility paired with her devotion to American sportswear has had New York routing for her and her artist husband since the 80s, and I'm hoping that both of them will finally get the recognition they deserve.

check out what NYTimes and PaperMag had to say about Isabel's debut line this year for Anne Klein.

(fashion geek)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Manu Chao performing in NY on June 26 and June 27!

So does it again! Once again they are at the cutting edge of insider info. Now they gave us the in on Manu Chao!!!

They will be in NY playing at Prospect Park on June 26th and June 27th.

Manu Chao is returning to NYC in June, and the first batch of tickets went on sale YESTERDAY. Click here to purchase yours now (and if you're as crazy as we are, ones in other cities too....)

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

News from

The 411 on undiscovered talent from another of Casa Naranja's fave sites,

Sun. 3/11 & Mon. 3/12
D'Antigua & SOB's
The best band to come out of Mexico (según nosotros... and many others) is performing FOR FREE at D'Antigua on Sunday night and SOB's on Monday. Just be sure to print out your "tickets" from the Jack Daniels website

Friday, March 2, 2007

Sunday night Brazilian dance party at Black Betty


Sounds of Brazil

The long-running Sunday night Brazilian dance party at Black Betty gets some competition this weekend, from within its own Moroccan-themed walls. The Carnaval vs. Mardi Gras battle will pit the bossa nova, samba and South American 70s funk of the regular DJs against their Big Easy cajun sounds of their counterparts. Will the loser have to doff their clothes and don some beads? You’re already in the neighborhood; boogie on by and see.
9 p.m., Black Betty, 366 Metropolitan Avenue (Havemeyer Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718), 599-0243; free.