Monday, December 10, 2012

belleza - buxom stay-there eye shadow

buxom stay-there eye shadow
last sunday i was running late (shocker) and became rather flustered.  you see, i had the oh-so-important task of delivering a birthday girl to her surprise party. the aforementioned fiesta was quite the swanky affair.  so i had to put in some extra effort in my makeup, an almost impossible prospect under the circumstances. that was until literally and figuratively this little baby, buxom stay-there eye shadow –(in the shade of pug, a smoky pewter), feel out of my makeup cabinet-seriously, i was reaching for my concealer and like a life metaphor the jar tumbled off the shelf. i took it as a sign. and in only 4 minutes, i was able to execute a perfect smokey eye:  i slapped on eye primer, packed on the buxom shadow with a dense brush, lined my eyes on the inner and outer rims, used my finger to blend and pow, i was a new smokey eye-al discuido, was born! 
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