Friday, December 7, 2012

5 little luxuries

this is one of those things I never thought I need until I saw it:  pluggabugg, the super cute, anti dust plug for idevices
calling all ladies deathly afraid of cats (i am talking to you brenda!)  i hope this hypnotic gift will remedy the jitters.
my apt décor is a work in progress. the bedroom lighting fixture was inspired by this postand while i am quite happy with the look i decided to enhance it with a ceiling rose (to feed my “i come from a long line of medici’s” fantasies.)
i believe myself to be a candle and home fragrance connoisseur. i hold this truth to be evident given the number of candles i burn in each room of my apt at any given moment.  and now that I’ve purchased the perfect candle snuffer, its official:  self anoint myself an expert.
i finally discovered the trick to get that “omg your skin is so luminescent it looks like you swallowed a light bulb!” completely by accident !when i ran out of my usual moisturizer, i mixed the sample of decleor instant radiance moisturizer  i had been meaning to try with my jouer luminizing moisture tint and tad-ta, gorgeous, dewy skin! 

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