Friday, December 21, 2012

5 little luxuries

the perfect indulgence to counteract  the season's continuous cycle of drinking, noshing, and lack of sleep: yogi detox, herbal tea supplement tea. considering my schedule for the past 10 days, i ordered in bulk. the yogi messages cleanse my soul as well..
it’s the bff’s bday week! this year we decided to do something different and dialed down from a month of celebrations to just a week. with every year that passes, i have a deeper appreciation and reverence for my bff, so i am giving her bubbles that reflect my lofty sentiments: pol roger 'cuvee sir winston churchill' champagne 1999pol roger, which has a long and honorable association with the british aristocracy, was the favorite champagne of sir winston churchill (so devoted was he to the house of roger that they created a champagne in his honor). hey, if it was good enough for the winstonmeister….. it's what is being popped at besties candle blowing soiree.
love, love, love the marriage of multi-tasking and dewy skin. benefit’s fine one one is just that love child: a cheek and lip product that contains three stripes of sheer color – coral, watermelon and shimmering pale pink – which blend together for a soft pink or deeper cherry hue. part blush, part highlighter and even lip color. birchbox put together this most helpful video!
if you follow my quest (well documented on the blog) for dewy skin you will know that this is a must have in the arsenal evian mineral spray two sprays to set makeup and you are off to the incandescent convention. 
over the years i have been gifted with an array of gorgeous studs however I lose earrings at an alarming rate. so alas i am afraid to wear in fear that these heirlooms  will meet the fate of “that sock” in the dryer. instead i stock up on stunt studs and no one is the wiser.

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