Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sati Life's "I Love My Body" Weight Loss NOW Community on Facebooko

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There is nothing more difficult than changing your habits. Everyday we
choose things out of a habit and even if that habit is no longer good
for us we still can't seem to break it.
When you are ready to change your lifestyle, lose weight, feel better,
increase you energy, feel sexy in your body, feel proud of yourself you
are going to have to change your habits if the habits you are not living
are not giving you the results you want. When you are changing your
habits you will feel uncomfortable that is normal. To upgrade your
Take a look today at some of the habits you have that no longer serve
your intention of feeling better.
1. what food choices are you making out of habit
2. what exercise habits do you have
3. what beliefs do you have (like its to hard, i can't do it)

What new habits can you start developing today. Instead of focusing on
changing your old habits just replace them with new and improved habits.
It takes time to build new habits, about 30 days but after that it will
be who you are.

Today practice some new habits
1. start a habit of mindful eating
2. don't eat unless you are hungry no matter what
3. stop when you are satisfied NOT stuffed
4. eat foods that you are proud of eating
5. write down what you eat and really pay attention
5. start seeing yourself as someone who does workout regularly
6. encourage yourself instead of discourage yourself
7. make feeling great today a priority, don't give in to old habits

Friends I have received so many grateful emails from you that this is
making a difference and I am so happy. Keep me posted I love the feed
back, it helps me to know it makes a difference.

If it is making a difference for you invite a friend to join.

For more info, dvd's, events, information go to Satilife.com

One day at a time!
Love and gratitude,
Patricia Moreno


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