Thursday, July 3, 2008

Picnic time, CN style

Source: The Strong Buzz

Enjoy the finest cuisine and the best out door dining all summer long. Its PICNIC time hermanas.
Not to be too much of a gourmand, but a shriveled, charred hot dog and some warm soda in Riverside Park no longer matches my lifestyle. My tastes now run away from Oscar Meyer and toward Saul Zabar. Well lucky for us, Zabar's has the perfect picnic solution with a true New York twist….a take-out picnic basket. Our favorite foodie, Andrea Strong, sings the praises of this summer time offering. Pair a Zabar picnic basket with your favorite wine - if it’s a white make sure to pack it in a cooler - and head to the Great Lawn for a great summer meal.
Grab a Zabar’s Picnic to Go!

Zabar’s has your answer. (Don’t they always?) They’ve got a delicious selection of picnic options ready to go; all are $21.98 per person and include cutlery, napkins, side salads like Cole Slaw, Cucumber Salad, Potato Salad, Tabouli and Cous-Cous, and are packed in a signature Zabar’s mini-tote. Your choices include:
Zabar’s Sandwich Picnic - Choice of a Zabar’s sandwich, a side salad, soda or water, an apple and a brownie.Bagel and Nova Picnic - Nova Scotia Salmon with cream cheese on a bagel or pumpernickel bread; a half pint of fresh squeezed orange juice, water or soda; an apple and mini black and white cookies.
Zabar’s Picnic Salad - A Zabar’s salad, a French roll, a soda or water, an apple and a brownie.
Roast Chicken Picnic - A quarter roast chicken or a rotisserie Cornish hen, a side salad, a French roll, a water or a soda, an apple and a brownie.

A Riverbank Picnic - An assortment of Zabar’s cheese (brie and goat cheese), a French roll, dried fruits and nuts, an apple, a water or a soda and a chocolate croissant.

To place your order and for more picnic ideas and options visit Zabar’s online!

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