Monday, July 7, 2008

Casa Tua - MIAMI


Casa Tua in Miami

Who: Eva Mendes, Motley Crue, Marissa Tomei, Jennifer Lopez, James Caan, George Hamilton and Sting....

What: An elite hotspot that feels just like home-- if you live inside a Ralph Lauren ad...

When: Two weeks ahead of time for a reservation....

Where: 1700 James Ave Miami Beach FL 33139 Miami, Florida 33139 305.673.1010

Why: Discreetly tucked away in a Mediterranean style villa hidden by palms and lush tropical foliage, Casa Tua is easily one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city. The idea behind Casa Tua is to make you feel at home. After all with a name meaning “your home,” this feat is definitely accomplished. The welcoming dining areas include a radiant outdoor garden, comfy Ralph Lauren-esque living room, and a communal eat-in kitchen. Original art hangs everywhere and changes by the month, so guests that frequent Casa Tua are always in for a new surprise. What used to be a fabulous lounge upstairs is now a members-only club. The upstairs club has been Miami’s stomping ground for insiders and privileged members who are able to relax and unwind before an award-winning meal. Casa Tua is on the down-low, they don’t advertise, and there’s no signage on the restaurant, their forbidden-fruit-mystique adds to the exclusivity.
Casa Tua is also known for their Italian-sophisticated cuisine. The service is seamless and relaxed and adds to the home-spun ambiance. Casa Tua offers peaceful intermission from the constant bustle of South Beach. Casa Tua is not about trend, but more about a lifestyle, which sets it apart from other South Beach hot spots.

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