Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last minute plans…celebrate Latina superstardom tonight.

Tonight, Latina superstar and Casa Naranja member Laura Gomez premiers her film

"Pinchos & Rolos"

Dominican Film "Pinchos & Rolos" Shows at the New York Latino International Film Festival
Fordham University Auditorium of the Lincoln Center Campus.

The film, which was shot in 4 days in the Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in upper Manhattan, New York...

In Washington Heights, Elizabeth is thrown into her life's greatest challenge: to keep going without the husband who just left her while keeping afloat the beauty salon she inherited from her sister Maria, who fled to DR running from her jealous boyfriend. Will Elizabeth last at least a week in the salon or will she throw in the towel?

"Pinchos & Rolos," a 22-minute musical comedy,

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Anonymous said...

Last night was wonderful, i had the pleasure to watch 8 short stories: Rojo Red, Papichulo, Magic Juan, La Tuerca (The Nut), Better Than Astronauts, Historia De Un Letrero (A Sign Story), Cuentos Chinos & Pinchos Y Rolos.

Pinchos was the main event "el plato fuerte" of last night's showcase and it didnt disappoint! We - latinas - have all being through the hair salon experience way too often. It was funny, refreshing and Laura Gomez (as Elizabeth) was simply superb!!