Friday, February 1, 2013

5 little luxuries

image: harper's happenings

i have been doing quite a bit of cooking at home lately. and experiencing first hand that most recipes which claim to be  “quick and easy”, “ready in 15 minutes” are not. this quirky mocubo one stop chopping cutting board is my definition of shaving a few minutes prep time.

my bestie harbored dreams of being a rapper. her grand opus is a composition that consisted of: “sneak attack (clap three times) hold me back…”  you can’t imagine the joy i felt when i had the opportunity to give her a commissioned rap that will incorporate her long ago shelved dream…

inspired by a post in glitterguide.comi decided to host an oscars 2013 party and judging from rsvp responses such as “ohhh, i have a full length gown ive been itching to wear!!”, its going to be quite epic.
small plastic animals from target for this. and yes, i realize i am becoming that girl who is obsessed with diy projects. i hunt (no pun intended)for items  i need for my projects with the same intensity others might have in search for a $50 in-season chloe bag.

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