Friday, January 25, 2013

5 little luxuries

image: a cozy kitchen

nyc’s dramatic weather this week has provided the perfect opportunity to spend time at home. wanting to "cocoon" in winter is affording time for simple pleasures like trying recipes, decorating and of course one needs to have lots of vino tinto on hand.

to style the bookcase i’ll be purchasing, gold pig bookends set of 2
turning a plain ikea lack side table into a "custom greek key" piece.
at almost $32 a lb, the pancetta i purchased from whole foods for this carbonara mac and cheese recipe qualifies as a luxury, wouldn’t you agree. and yes, in hindsight it is quite a lot of money for “bacon”, but it was oh-so good….
in my state of hibernation, i am obsessed about adorning my walls, this no paint art project is the perfect combination of clever, crafty and chic!
don’t get me wrong I’m in no hurry to bid winter adieu (i l-o-v-e winter-I’m the girl who goes to ski resorts and doesn’t ski. i am all about après ski activities). but this clutchreminded me that a)spring is right around the corner b) you can never go wrong with a clutch and c) a great (read: inexpensive) alternative to the clare vivier pieces that are all the rage.

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