Friday, January 18, 2013

5 little luxuries

image: barnes and noble 

love, love, love pretty peg for couches and beds. not quite sure which piece of furniture i will be upgrading but just had to acquire.

tickets for la madre and the tia to enjoy the bésame mucho production at repertorio español. latinas sing latinas an anthology of songs by female latin american composers of el ayer are sure to get the ladies humming and reminiscing…. ($13 off all tickets this weekend!use discount code: REP2013)

at the rate i am going i will need to rent the apt next door just to display the amounts of art work and prints i purchase. alas there was no way i could not not add this beaut to my “gallery.” allow me to introduce you to the pagoda print
i love the notion of being in the company of good men…homer and aristotle cast marble bookends
after adding the carla bruni station to my pandora i am inspired to organize an impromptu cocktail party. the mix is THAT good! 

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