Friday, September 28, 2012

5 little luxuries

i am not sure if you noticed that i am quite committed to my cocktail bar as well as collecting art work- this brass bottle opener is a true object d’art and combines both devotions beautifully.

pre-ordered instant happy: 10-second attitude makeovers by karen salmansohn (follow her on facebook).

this past weekend i decided to welcome fall by making pumpkin bread pudding.  since i plan on making it again and again and again, i felt it only right to get baking dish worthy of such deliciousness.

the herringbone storage tote from target is such a stellar addition to my living room. it is as utilitarian as it is chic (notice the “leather” handle) and in true target fashion is high on luxe and low on price ($28.00 people!!!!)

experiencing a hi/low moment with rotation of mascaras. my normal (i-know-its-pricey-but-cant-live-without) mascara 38˚c eyelash base ($28) and mascara 38˚c ($32) from sensai by kanebo ran out so decided to give maybelline xxl pro volume a whirl. i’ll let you know if it lives up to my beloved kanebo.

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