Friday, September 14, 2012

5 little luxuries

dinner party season is upon us so i am stocking up on party essentials.

my gorg (i am really modest!) bar cart has been missing the perfect cocktail shaker. i was holding out until i found the one. well my search is over….the bullet cocktail shakerserves a glam cocktail and serves as a conversation (phallus anyone?)starter.

metallic paper for a diy printable candle wraps (used with battery operated candles) that i intend on using for above dinner parties.

am loving the ambre vanillé laura mercier honey bath! it truly elevates the bath experience.

my battle with acne continues, the fight has lessened but still… clever opponent that i am i have armed myself with the ultimate pièce de résistance in lerosett’s natural clay mask! i dabbed some on the pesky problem spots last night and ta-da they are gone today!

perfect cubes for my guests that prefer their scotch on the rocks.

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