Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Running of the Bulls at Sangria 46

This summer, you don't have to travel to Spain to get a taste of the action!

From July 7th thru July 14th Sangria 46 will be offering a special menu in celebration of Pamplona's annual Running of the Bulls.

With flowing Sangria and generous tapas, Sangria 46 will also present a complimentary Toro shot to all diners clad in red and white- colors that traditionally attract a different, much larger Toro.

So grab the bull by the horns and run on over to Sangria 46 to experience all the excitement of Pamplona, either in the festive dining room or al fresco in the garden.

Featured Wine
Sangria Roja
Choice of 2 Tapas
Lamp Chop
Chilled Chorizo
Shrimp al Aijillo
Portobello Mushroom w/Smoked Salmon
Leche Frita
$25 per person (plus tax and gratuity)

Sangria 46
338 W 46th St
Phone: (347) 960-3010

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