Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chile as in Cuisine

Pomaire is New York City's only authentically Chilean restaurant. It features one of the city's most extensive selections of Chilean wine and offers traditional Chilean fare including empanadas, ceviches, fresh Chilean seafood, and Patagonian steaks.

Seeing that Flavors of Chile Restaurant Week starts June 29th-July 6th, 2008, it is a most auspicious time to visit Pomaire and experience first hand:

Chilean Salmon,Chilean Carica (an exotic fruit),Merken (a Mapuche spice blend made from native smoked chiles),Extra Virgin Olive Oil (original, garlic, and basil),Extra Virgin Avocado Oil,Chilean Farmstead Cheeses,Ulmo Honey,Chilean Grass-Fed Beef,Preserved Clams and Razor Clams, Preserved Figs, Quince, and Myrtle Berries in Syrup,Chilean Wine Vinegars (various flavors)

Pomaire Restaurant

371 W 46th St, NY 10036

Phone: 212-956-3055

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chilechile said...

This restaurant is really a whole in the wall. It is one of the best restaurants in New York. You know all the ingredients are hand picked fresh by the owner. He comes out and greets everyone, and he really knows his wine. I am from Chile myself, and i know this food is authentic Chilean. Try the ostiones a la palmesana or the pastel the choclo.