Friday, May 17, 2013

5 little luxuries

image: zara

talk about a blast from the past. i met up with a friend who i consider an arbiter of style. when i got a whiff of her, i asked, in a conspirational whisper(knowing how secretive some of us are about their perfume) “what fragrance are you wearing? it can’t be? is it? is it loves baby soft?” it turns out she was wearing chloe. so the next day i went to sephora, tried it but alas it didn’t quite smell the same on me. so i followed my initial olfactory reaction instinct and purchased love’s baby soft. it takes me back to the 7th grade (very likely one of the only great memories of that time) and i love, love, love the fresh, powdery scent.
am doing a semi cleanse (more on this later)and having this cashew milk as dinner replacement.
the simplest ingredients can create a diy obsession-worthy body scrub! i made mine using coconut oillime essential oil, lime rind and sugar and find myself showering over and over because i cant get enough of the scent and the glow it gives my skin.
i took a cue from erin’s (apartment 34) latest post and quickly purchased and anointed this my official summer sandal. gorge, right?

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