Friday, April 10, 2009

ten free iTunes downloads from cafe bustelo

gracias a literanista for the heads up on this fantastic gift from cafe bustelo! incidentally subscribe to the literanista blog and/or follow her on twitter she is quite the accomplished latin renaissance woman who covers latinos, books, tech and more.

cafe bustelo is hooking you up with some new fresh new tunes to load up on your ipod. Download here 

The ten songs are:

1. Cut Copy - "Lights & Music"

2. Pacifika - "Me Cai"

3. Sonates - "Quilombo to espera"

4. The Jealous Girlfriends - "Robuxulla"

5. Alegbra - "Run & Hide"

6. Ben Jelen - "Wreckage"

7. Trin-i-tee - "Listen"

8. J*Davey - "Mr.Mister"

9. Crystal Castles - "Crimewave"

10. Arthur Hanlon - "Mujer Mistica"

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