Saturday, October 11, 2008

SWOOSH: We Really HEART Nike

In my never ending quest for the freshest and hottest, I, Brenda, am your emissary of adventure. Recently, I pushed myself to my athletic limit during a 3-day sojourn to Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. Yes ladies, I have a very tough job.

I have always considered myself athletic -- by that I mean purchasing sneakers and cute workout outfits every 6 weeks so that I can look tip top for my Wii virtual fitness partners! But now after visiting the Mecca of all things competitive, my inner Latina Warrior goddess has been reborn.

Although athletes in Oregon and urban Latina fashionistas are the not the most obvious of bedfellows, the synergies became crystal clear to me as I toured their facilities, met with management, and even got to rub elbows with Olympic greats-Andrea Duran. We share a tireless pursuit of excellence and an unending desire to always step it up a notch. Cynicism aside (hard to do but breath deeply for a minute)…Nike inspired me!

Nike is a corporation that lives and breathes that same vision that we here at Casa Naranja all share. WHAT A TRIP! Stay tuned for the fresh preview of the PHATTEST sneaker/collection I was privy to.

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