Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wine-ing Road

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Bring the Spain -- Wine-ing Road

Get a printable map of the free Rioja Wine Tour here.

For New Yorkers, springtime Saturdays mean throwing on your best whites, stepping out into the sunshine, and strolling the sidewalks hoping you'll somehow stumble across a source of free alcohol. This Saturday, your search will be easy: The Rioja Wine Tour.
As suggested by the rolling "r", Rioja represents one of the finest grape-growing regions in Spain, a picturesque valley known as "The Land of 1001 Wines". To introduce NYCers to their perfectly aged DOC, Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva, they've put together a free sampling tour, spread out amongst six Manhattan stores -- Your stops:

2:30: Bottlerocket: 5 West 19th St, between 5th and 6th (serving from 2-5)

3:30: Chelsea Wine Vault: 75 9th Ave, at 16th (serving from 2-5)

4:15: Sea Grape Wine: 512 Hudson St, btw Christopher and W 10th (serving from 4-8:30)

4:45: Le Du Wines: 600 Washington Street, at Leroy (serving from 3-5)

5:15: Golden Rule Wine and Liquor: 457 Hudson St, at Barrow (serving from 5-7)

6:30: Astor Wines and Astor Center: 399 Lafayette St, at E 4th (serving from 6:30-8:30)

For a quick video preview of your tour hosted by Adrian Murcia, the sommelier from Chanterelle, click below. You'll also find a printable map -- because the only thing more shameful than those white pants is getting lost while wearing them.
Even more free wine: Click here for a shot at a free case of Rioja.

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Rachel said...

You know that if what you really want is to have good red (or white) wine you have to go to Mendoza, Argentina. I have been going there every years since 2005 because since I first tased those delicious wines I cannot live without them (seriously). If you go to Mendoza, there are wine tours all over the Province. Nevertheless, if you have only a few days to spend in Argentina, you can also go to Buenos Aires and they have excellent wines too; they actually bring the wines from San Rafael (Mendoza). Last year I travelled to Argentina and got an apartment for rent buenos aires in front of a restaurant called "La Bodega del Fin del Mundo", located in the neighbourhood of Palermo Hollywood. It was great, I drank one of those babies every night before going to sleep!