Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Latin Films at Tribeca Film Festival ( April 23- May 4)

Latin-themed films included in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (Apr 23 – May 4)

El documental
Directed by Emilio Estefan
A fascinating look at Gloria Estefan as she records her latest album, 90 Millas, which pays tribute to the history of Latin music. With appearances ranging from legendary Latin musicians such as Arturo Sandoval, Chocolate Armenteros, and Israel Lopez Cachao to contemporaries Sheila E., Carlos Santana, and Pit Bull.
Public screenings: May 1 @ 6pm.

Celia The Queen
Directed by Jos Cardona and Mario de Varona
¡Azúcar! The voice of Celia Cruz, arguably the most influential woman in Cuban music, symbolized the soul of a nation and forced down barriers of racism and sexism. She radiates on screen as her legacy is revisited in this intimate and inspiring documentary.
Public screenings: Apr 26 @ 9:30pm; Apr 27 @ 2:30pm; May 1 @ 4:30pm; May 4 @ 4pm.

Directed by Trisha Ziff and Luis Lopez
How did the iconic image of Che Guevara end up on beer bottles and bikinis? This inquiry into the ethics and aesthetics of appropriation investigates how the enduring symbol of Cuba's revolution skyrocketed to fame and was ultimately devoured by its own worst enemy: capitalism.
Public screenings: Apr 25 @ 6:30pm; Apr 27 @ 1:30pm; Apr 28 @ 9:00pm; Apr 30 @ 12:45pm.

The Chicken, the Fish, and the King Crab
Directed by José Luis López-Linares
Famed Spanish chef Jesús Almagro permits cameras to follow his preparations for the "Bocuse d'Or" cooking contest, pitting him against 23 international contenders for the title of "World's Best Chef." Thrilling, captivating… and mouthwatering.
Public screenings: Apr 26 @ 5:30pm; Apr 27 @ 6:45pm; Apr 29 @ 1:30pm; May 1 @ 9:30pm; May 4 @ 4pm.
Days in Sintra
Directed by Paula Gaitán
Deftly interspersing home movies with contemporary images, director Paula Gaitán creates a compelling voyage of discovery in her return to Sintra, Portugal on a search for memories of her late husband (the Brazilian filmmaker Glauber Rocha).
Public screenings: Apr 27 @ 8:30pm; Apr 29 @ 3:30pm; Apr 30 @ 1:30pm; May 4 @ 7:45pm.

Elite Squad
Directed by José Padilha
Fresh from its Golden Bear win at Berlin, and one of Brazil's most controversial films, Elite Squad is a searing look at the corruption of the special police force in the volatile slums of Rio. As one cop desperately tries to get out, two naive recruits see if they have what it takes to get in.
Public screenings: Apr 24 @ 9:30pm; Apr 30 @ 10:00pm; May 4 @ 11am.

Fermat's Room
Directed by Luis Piedrahita and Rodrigo Sopeña
The walls are closing in-literally-on four brainiac mathematicians with shadowy pasts in this über tense debut. These strangers have all been brought together by the mysterious Fermat to solve their most profound equation yet: Why is someone trying to kill them?
Public screenings: Apr 25 @ 8:00pm; Apr 26 @ 12midnight; Apr 28 @ 6:00pm; Apr 30 @ 12noon; May 2 @ 11:15am

Love, Pain, and Vice Versa
Directed by Alfonso Pineda-Ulloa
This stirring and moody psychological thriller finds two strangers subconsciously linked when their recurring dreams begin to topple their reality. Featuring strong performances by the sizzling Bárbara Mori (La mujer di mi hermano) and Leonardo Sbaraglia (Intacto).
Public screenings: Apr 26 @ 6:00pm; Apr 29 @ 5:30pm; May 1 @ 6:45pm; May 2 @ 11:00pm; May 3 @ 2:15pm

My Life Inside
Directed by Lucía Gajá
At 17, mild-mannered Rosa Jiménez came to the United States to provide a better life for her family back in Mexico. This riveting, heartbreaking film examines how she comes to stand accused of murder in a Texas courtroom.
Public screenings: Apr 25 @ 4:00pm; Apr 27 @ 12:45pm; Apr 29 @ 8:30pm; May 2 @ 2:15pm; May 3 @ 5:15pm.

Paraiso Travel
Direct by Simon Brand
In this Colombian box office hit, a lovesick teen (Aldemar Correa) follows his seductive girlfriend as they illegally travel from Medellín to New York. When they are separated in Queens, he begins a desperate search to find her. Featuring John Leguizamo and Ana de la Reguera (Nacho Libre).
Public screenings: Apr 26 @ 9:00pm; Apr 27 @ 1:45pm; Apr 28 @ 3:45pm; May 1 @ 6:45pm; May 3 @ 2:15pm

Directed by Eduardo Coutinho
One of Brazil's most respected documentary filmmakers invited two dozen women to be filmed as they told their life stories. Months later, he filmed a group of actresses as they reenacted the same stories. The result couldn't be simpler-or more inexplicably magical!
Public screenings: Apr 29 @ 6:00pm; May 1 @ 1:30pm; May 3 @ 6:30pm; May 4 @ 5:00pm

A Portrait of Diego: The Revolutionary Gaze
Directed by Gabriel Figueroa Flores and Diego López
Fifty years ago, Diego Rivera, Gabriel Figueroa, and Manuel Alvarez Bravo collaborated on a documentary film about Rivera, but it was never finished until now, after Figueroa's son and Rivera's grandson decided to show how these three great artists shared a vision.
Public screenings: Apr 26 @ 3:30pm; Apr 28 @ 5:30pm; Apr 30 @ 8:00pm; May 3 @ 11:30am

Old Man Bebo
Directed by Carlos Carcas
Nearly 90, Bebo Valdés is one of the greatest living Cuban musicians. This joyful documentary celebrates the man who was a key figure in the development of mambo and whose life reflects the experiences of many Cubans since 1959.
Public screenings: Apr 25 @ 9:30pm; Apr 27 @ 12:30pm; Apr 29 @ 4:00pm; May 1 @ 1:30pm; May 3 @ 7:30pm

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