Friday, March 14, 2008

Jamon y Fabada!

Sunday Afternoon: Spanish Wine at Bar Jamon!
I don't know how many of you have been to Bar Jamon, but if you have been, you know it's quite fabulous, but roomy, it aint. It's about the size of a walk-in closet, and on any given night you'll find about 50 people, scrunched together, happily eating and drinking and talking over one another. Anyway, the place is much more civilized during the weekend afternoons when you can actually grab one of the coveted window seats and let the afternoon pass slowly by over glasses of sherry and slices of jamon iberico and wedges of tortilla. This Sunday might be a good day to head over to Bar Jamon because they're having one of their monthly Sunday wine tasting events. Last month they focused on big bold Spanish wines and this month they're comparing new and old producers. All tastings begin at 1pm and are $40. Reservations are required and can be made at 212-253-2773. Bar Jamon is located on 17th Street, near the corner of Irving Place.

Sunday Night: Fabada at Pamplona
March is the cruelest month. Don't you agree
I mean, it's just an unapologetic warm weather tease. I can feel Spring around the corner, trying hard to push its way through the crowd of cold windy days, but somehow, it never makes it. Maybe we'll get a warm breeze here or there, but they never last long. Soon, the nasty weather is back. So Sunday night, when no doubt I'll be shivering because I now refuse to wear warm clothes after February, I'll be heading to Pamplona for chef Alex UreƱa's Sunday Night Special, a rustic body-heating stew called Fabada.

This traditional Andalucian soup (think of it as a more elegant chili) is made for two ($40) brimming with smoky pork belly, morcilla, chorizo, and creamy butterbeans. Add a nice bottle of Bierzo and you'll be fine with Spring taking its sweet time. Pamplona is located at 37 East 28th Street, 212-213-2328.

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