Tuesday, March 25, 2008

3 Simple Steps To Radically Transform Your Productivity…Within 24hrs!

Join our personal friend, Marie Forleo on a free teleclass.

She’s one of the most diversely successful female entrepreneurs today. She’s an author, speaker, lifestyle coach, Nike Athlete, dancer/choreographer and fitness pro.

She’s got a hot selling book (about to have a global re-launch), 4 top selling fitness videos and she’s the Fox News online life coach and relationship expert.

“3 Simple Steps To Radically Transform Your Productivity…Within 24hrs!” **FREE** Teleclass on THURSDAY March 27th, 3PM EST with Marie Forleo

Join me for this FREE one-time teleseminar where I’ll share some of the proven strategies I teach my private coaching students to help them get more done, make more MONEY and have more FUN in their business and life!

Limited spots are available so register now!


You’ve seen ME create a ton of results over the past few years without sacrificing an iota in my personal life, but you ain't seen nothing yet until you learn what I’m going to share on this ONE-TIME CALL. 

Here’s your chance to get the same proven advice I only give my private, one-on-one coaching students in this FREE one time teleseminar.
On this 75-minute call with me, you'll discover:
· the 3 keys to practically guarantee that this year is going to be YOUR best year ever!

· the two invisible productivity barriers that most entrepreneurs unknowingly hit, and how to break through them today.

· my top 3 personal recommendations to help you radically transform your productivity inside and out starting NOW.

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