Thursday, December 27, 2007

Party Monster

source: Shake Your Beauty

You can thank us for the New Years Eve fiesta ideas and the Crema de Vie receta later.

Hey chicas,
Whether you're a 'tis-the-season cheerleader or a bah humbugette, one thing about the holidays everyone can get into is the party-hopping. Go ahead, try to tell me you don't love a good holiday get-down. You get to dress up in a frothy little cocktail dress, get hammered off spiked eggnog and FINALLY look appropriate wearing that tarty scarlet lipstick! Good times had by all! The only downside is waking up on January 2nd after a three-week bender, glancing in the mirror and realizing you look like Keith Richards. Yes girls, I'm talking about Hangover Face. It's not cute...but the good news is, it's totally fixable, thanks to Korres Party Survival Kit ($29). Chock full of Korres's legendary aromatherapeutic products (beauty editors kill for this stuff), this brilliantly edited kit will ensure that you'll look all refreshed, renewed, and respectable The Morning After. It contains: Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer, Evening Primrose Eye Cream, Guava Body Butter, Guava Showergel, Milk Proteins 3-in-1 Emulsion, and Lemon Refreshing chewing gum (a walk of shame must-have). Delish.

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