Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dominican Dominance - The Cigar Report

Trader Monthly is one of my favorite rags, for obvious reasons, particularly with bonus season upon us but more on that later.

Freud once said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,"…..but he never had a Dominican smoke!!!

Aside from all things Latin, I love traders. These guys (and girls too), know how to spot a trend. And in the most recent Trader Monthly -- a fab rag that is a must read for all Wall Streeters -- The Cigar Report spots one that should not surprise anyone. Dominican stogies dominate as the best smoke out there. So grab a trader....

The DR captures the cigar world’s crown : Dominican Dominance

The Dominican Republic on the rise, stogie-wise

There’s no other scent like it in the world: that unmistakable chocolate-and-earth mélange wafting through the air from the nondescript cinderblock building across the road, the one that comes from tobacco being aged, treated, cut and hand-rolled by rows of busy workers. The scent is enough to make a cigar smoker start salivating like a puppy at the door of a butcher shop > read more

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