Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday Survival Guide

Yes, luxury is synonymous with Casa Naranja but no one loves a bargain more than us. Granted we prefer to experience the madness of Black Friday from the comfort of our chaise lounges but sacrifices will be made. Getting up at unheard of hours in order to beat the virtual crowds being one of them. Well..last BF I thought I was really clever and set my alarm up for 5am, laptop plugged, list on desk and want to hit the ground running - well the twenty steps to the laptop anyway. To make a long story short my plan backfired. Apparently I wasn't the only clever person with this "original"idea and the systems were down. Well this year we come armed with a new set of arsenals. We bring you the real deal on BF deals, the ultimate shopping guides (for this week anyway) and tons of ways to avoid mistakes of years ago. Last tip- before purchasing anything online check for discounts and promotions!

From Black Friday Ads
Online Deals page
Online Sales pages

From Real Simple
Electronic Gadget Shopping Guide
Back-Saving Tips on How to Carry Heavy Shopping Bags
The Best Time of Day to Return Merchandise
Tips for Trying on Clothes, Quickly
20 Ways to Save During the Holidays
December Holiday Savings Guide
Gift Budget Worksheet
Holiday Gift List Worksheet

From NY Magazine
The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the High-Intensity Boyfriend, Home-Obsessed Girlfriend, Wordly Mom, Single Best Friend, Athletic Husband, Chic Wife, Best Work Friend, Green-Minded Teen, Hobby-Loving Grandparent , Just-Moved-to-the-City Sister, Stressed-Out Boss, Tireless Toddler, Worldly Dad

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