Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Good Things Come on Small Plates

We gave you the heads up on El Quinto Pino way back in September but it appears that the NYT has jumped on the Pino bandwagon.

Save your appetite for candy and just have a snack at El Quinto Pino, which Peter Meehan calls “New York’s best, and maybe only, true tapas bar.” The tiny new spot — which shares a chef with another Spanish favorite, Tía Pol — has no tables, just a bar, a counter and 16 seats. But seafood dishes like the “perfect boquerones” (white anchovies) and “the sandwich of the year” — sea urchin with Korean mustard oil on a toasted ficelle — are worth standing, and waiting for, Mr. Meehan writes. The cocktails and the wine list are both excellent, so the only thing you’ll need to worry about after your visit is where to go for dinner.

For Barhoppers, a True Tapas Bar,” by Peter Meehan

Photo Credit (Rebecca McAlpin for The New York Times)


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