Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fuerzabruta hits NYC!


Launced in Buenos Aires in 2005 and after passing through Lisbon (2006), London (2006), and Bogota (2007), Fuerzabruta (Brute Force): the new acrobatic creation from the people who brought you De La Guarda, finally hits New York at The Roth Theater this October.
Picture this: a show with a suspended pool above the audience, performers flying around, running through walls, while displaying an amazing acrobatics show. The theater is creation in space, the language in it's purely material aspect. Direct. Body to body. Forming a common dream with the audience. Real. Tangible.

Where: Daryl Roth Theater (101 E. 15th St.)
Tickets: or (212) 239-6200

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