Thursday, January 18, 2007

Secret Hotels of the Riviera Maya

About once a week I really wish Charlie Suisman of MUG were Latin and this way I could justify further how relevant he is to all things Latincentric. He recently wrote the cover article in this month's Budget Travel magazine called "Secret Hotels of the Riviera Maya": eight hideaways south of Cancún, from a thatched-roof, swinging-hammock, beach-bumming spot, to Pablo Escobar's old mansion, to the very hip, very delightful Hotel Básico in Playa del Carmen. He covered some spots we have been fans of for a loooooonnnng time e.g. Amansala's Casa Magna in addition to some spots we didn't even know about, which indeed is a shocker!

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Karen said...

I read his cover article on the Secret Hotels and it inspired me and my hubby to travel for the first time to Riviera Maya! Such an awesome experience for the both of us!