Saturday, August 17, 2013

feliz weekend!

when you desperately need a compliment.
the surprising weekend habits of highly effective people
try taking a regeneration bath
obsessed with your iphone? better read this...
10 unexpected natural cleaners
the weekend bag you don't want to live without
apps to beautify your selfie
10 solutions to your summer beauty emergencies
diy beauty treatments
neat freaks, meet the pretty handbags that’ll keep all your stuff tidy
the 10 worst people on the subway
how diane von furstenberg starts her day
can anything really help cellulite?
juice recipes for great skin from celeb facialist joanna vargas
how to lose weight in 7 days
calling all catcher in the rye fans… salinger the film is coming soon.

how to grill perfect steak
the key to take the perfect nap
i have three words for you.. mexican chocolate brownies
six surprising uses for aluminum foil

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