Friday, November 16, 2012

5 little luxuries

this week’s  most important luxury acquisition is a free app to prepare for black friday!
it doesn’t feel like the holidays are in full swing for me until i have viewed “a charlie brown thanksgiving”  (every year i trip over myself remembering) to a) find the date and time its playing and b) record because god forbid i am actually home on a weeknight at 8pm.  but i digress i had finally had the brilliant idea to actually buy a copy and watch it again and again and again (you know to feed my sense of nostalgia and childhood…. 
the silhouette of a narciso rodriguez sheath dress is perfect for the upcoming holiday season of events.
i cannot preach enough about the appropriateness of mustela for all phases of life! so much in fact, i will be dedicating an entire post on how i initiate all the young ones in my life to live luxuriously by making their first gift a mustela gift basket shortly!  but back to me, and how mustela wipesbody oil and fragrance  transforms the experience of my evening bath ritual.
in the spirit of disclosing a little more about myself i am going to share a few things: i don’t always wash my makeup off at night (so bad i know), i am very ambitious and well intended but rarely succeed when setting my alarm clock at 6am, and my eyes light up when i see a perfectly chilled bottle of amstel light. i found an antidote for my rushed mornings in the form of a silk pillowcase. which eliminates creases and wrinkles.
according to astrology we are entering the month of sagittarius (my bff’s sign! actually a few of my favorite people on the planet are sag’s but i digress…) this month is known for being the month of miracles so i am just helping co-create my miracles and supersizing them with a little assistance from this tome leveraging the universe  i authored by the creator of notes from the universe

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