Friday, May 4, 2012

5 little luxuries

there is no question that we are deeply devoted to you, our readers.  we spend inordinate amounts of time scouring the web, mags, events, places and encounters to bring you the edgiest, newest, freshest, chicest, most amazing.. well you get the picture.  we have always promised to only share what we have personally desired, aspired, tried and loved. i know i can not believe we shop that much but we do it for you, we really really do. its called honest reporting J   this is our guiding principal and it is behind our newest column. each week we will share with you our personal top 5 purchases which we consider 5 little luxuries.

the ultimate aviators

ciat√© caviar manicure from  sephora

kimono style robe from plum pretty sugar

dream bigger print from jess lc dream bigger

my mom – her story, her words.

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