Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ode to target and sonia kashuk

chicas - we all have that one star (or two) we daydream about, plotting our chance encounter and rehearsing over and over (and over) in our heads what we would say. of course it would be fabulous, and our object of infatuation would see us for the amazingly witty creatures that we are! and yes, it would result in future party invites, and yes, you would indeed be the new it girl! well my beauties, my moment arrived last week when i was invited to make public my adoration of target and sonia kashuk! the moment i had long imagined with such detail, that i always imagined would be the ultimate ode to target, unbelievably, crashed before my very eyes. i become verklempt and completely froze. oh the horror! how will target and sonia kahuk ever know how much i love them?  video coming soon, but if this sad story of love gained and practically lost in translation means anything to you please help me redeem myself by  recording your prettiest little secrets for the chance to win some sweet swag from target beauty www.target.com/beautyfans
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disclosure: compensation was provided by target via glam media

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