Wednesday, March 2, 2011

carolina herrera’s 10 style rules to live by.

image and text via saks pov

  1. a full-length mirror is the most important accessory a woman can own.
  2. do not be afraid to wear color. a woman who walks into a room full of black dresses wearing red, pink or orange is stunning and everyone turns to look.
  3. trends make everyone look as though they are wearing a uniform. it is best to wear what is most individually flattering and appropriate for the occasion.
  4. crisp white shirt looks wonderful for the day or evening; every woman should have one they love in their closet.
  5. it’s important to dress for your age. what looked good at 15 will not look good at 40.
  6. don’t forget to be feminine. glamour and elegance are always something that attracts attention.
  7. dress according to your personality.
  8. your hair and makeup are very important. women over 40 should maintain short hair.
  9. if you don’t have taste, you will never be stylish. style is a state of mind. it is how you live, how you wear your clothes, what you read and what you love. it has nothing to do with money.
  10. be mysterious. mystery is the most important quality for a woman. elegance is an attitude.
who are we kidding we live by EVERYTHING carolina has to say!

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