Sunday, October 17, 2010

happy links hour

links of love

sitting at the epicenter of all things metro and latin is a privilege, but with that privilege comes responsibility. in today's information age, knowledge is power, a power we have tried to share with you. over the course of the last few years we have diligently brought you ideas from the forefront of fashion, travel, literature, the arts, and recreation. but as arbiters of all things fabulously latin, we have also found ourselves at the vortex of swirling information that stretches beyond our areas of latin-ess. we hear about tag sales and moving sales, as well as people looking to finish a newly redone room with just the perfect accent piece. playing matchmaker in the traditional sense is one thing, but trying to find a "perfect match" for all these bits is a bit harder.

in order to better carry out our duty to disseminate the valuable information that we have, until now, been sitting on like a valuable faberge egg, we are launching a" links of love" to open up the channels of communication, to get the information to flow freely, and to put more and more of you lovelies in touch with more and more of the gorgeous information we come across. enjoy!

links of love

boudoir chic encompasses what we love in the bedroom

a beauty guide to looking your best

waiting for superman. being a supermanfor a day

attracting love subliminally

because becoming a cupcake connoisseur is on your shortlist (via

the bff couple you thought only existed in movies (or in hollywood, or could only exist in nyc). this dynamic-duo (or power-couple or wonder-couple) share many talents, including chef, interior designer, stylist and expert name a few.

get your shutterbug on at the levis photo pop-up workshop

not your high school film club

high fashion-inspired boudoir photography haute boudoir* will be in new york city 11/20 - 11/22 for portrait sessions at a luxury hotel. mention snippet & ink when you schedule your session, and be upgraded to a 8×8 couture silk book. see details here.

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