Thursday, February 25, 2010

casa naranja TRAVEL: the olympics aren't the only thing going on in canada

MONTRÉAL: go north of the border for once this weekend, head to the montréal high lights festival (montréal en lumiere), february 18-28, 2010

sure, it may be sort of chilly up in montréal, but that's precisely why this legendary 11 day mid-winter festival was created: to bring bright light, warmth and buzzing energy to the city. whatever you're into- fabulous food and wine, music from latin to jazz, any and all art media-montréal en lumiere has you covered. with over 100 concerts slated, 200 culinary and wine events, and more shows and exhibits than you'll be able to fit into your schedule, it's a perfect time to check out what some call "the paris of the americas." best of all? much of the can't-miss excitement comes free of charge.
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