Sunday, January 24, 2010

cn love tip series. hopelessly devoted yes you!

* illustration credit - pergamino

love cannot be contained
love cannot be contained within "speaking" or "listening"
love is a sea whose depths cannot be fathomed.
would you dare try and count the drops of the sea?
before the sea of love, the seven seas are nothing.
- rumi

yes, yes, yes v-day is upon us and with that the pressure to be indulge in coupledom. don’t get us wrong we love our guys just as much as the next girl but, well we latin lovelies live by our own rules. and we very well know that before we can possibly love another we must adore ourselves. we at cn have a credo we fervently subscribe to and that is to love yourself thoroughly, genuinely and deeply. in keeping with this mantra, we are going to our own valentines this year. so over the next few weeks we will be sharing a few tips with you all, ranging from gratis to expensive (but you are worth it) all of which you so richly deserve and will help luxuriously celebrate your self love.

un beso,
casa naranja

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