Friday, October 9, 2009

smack your lips, the argentinean wine and food festival is here!

In a month that is chock full o’ food and wine festivals, here’s another to add to your ever-growing food and wine calendar. Starting Monday, Oct 5th and running through the 15th, the Argentinean Wine & Food Festival will feature winemaker dinners, menu and bar specials, beer pairings, wine flights and of course lots of Malbec. The events will be mostly taking place at Libertador (1725 2nd Ave at 89th St.) and Industria Argentina (329 Greenwich b/t Duane and Jay) and will include 2 four-course winemaker dinners (Oct 6th at Libertador and Oct 13th at Industria Argentina; $55 per person), a four-course winemaker brunch ($25 per person), a small plates tasting of 3 dishes, aka “Degustacion Trio”, for $14 at Industria Argentina’s bar, $10 beer pairings w/ chorizo, foccacia and green salad at Libertador, and 3-pour Argentinean wine flights at each place for $15. For more info or to make reservations, call 212-965-8560.
source: the strong buzz
Sunday: Argentinean Winemaker’s Brunch at Azul Bistro, 152 Stanton Street at Suffolk Street, 212-965-8560.
If Malbec is on the tip of your tongue every time you order wine, then this winemaker brunch, part of the Argentinean Wine and Food Festival, is for you. This four-course Winemaker’s Brunch ($25 per person), being held at Azul Bisro, includes Empanadas Saltenas
Traditional Argentineanbeef turnovers with tomato “mojo,” Caldo de Lentejas
Lentila chorizo and beef stew with confit potatoes and spicy chimichurri, Costilla de Asadorsmoked short ribs with tomato and oregano salad and French fries, and for dessert, dulce de leche flan, served with vanilla whipped cream. A representative from Finca Flichman, a winery in Mendoza, will be on hand to talk about the wines and will be pouring several to pair up with brunch, including a Chardonnay Roble 2008, Malbec Reserva 2007, and a Paisaje de Tupungato 2007 (Malbec, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon). Cheers!


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