Tuesday, May 19, 2009

long live gabriel garcia marquez

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Gabriel García Márquez: A Life 
New bio tells Colombian author's greatest story
Gerald Martin's Gabriel García Márquez: A Life is an absorbing look at the father of magical realism.

Better than the wildest telenovela. García Márquez is a meaty subject: his boozy, brothel-fueled youth, his days with Fidel Castro, and his adulthood as a Nobel Prize winner are as entertaining as any of his fictional tales.

It reads like a García Márquez story. Despite tackling a subject whose own work routinely distorts reality, Martin's account is refreshingly honest. However, the biographer's stylized narrative is cleverly suited to its enigmatic subject.

This time, it's official. Biographies of living artists can be tempestuous affairs — see the recent V.S. Naipaul controversy, for one — but Martin's tome draws on 17 years of research and more than 300 interviews. The result is a thoroughly intimate book that serves as a companion to the Colombian author's towering canon.

Read The Telegraph's review of the biography, brush up on magical realism, listen to an NPR journalist's take on interviewing García Márquez, check out an interview with the author about his writing process, and buy the book.

– Chelsea Bauch

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