Monday, May 12, 2008

Mercedes-Benz Plays Role in ‘Sex and the City’

OK, time for a guilty admission, but just amongst my online confidants. Like an urban sophisticate, I outwardly abhor the artless and unrefined tourists who flock to the city, crowding the subways, clogging the sidewalks, and taking up valuable real estate at top tier restaurants (why oh why can't they stick to Ruby Foo's and leave the Gramercy Tavern to me and my hermanas?).
BUT-- and here is where we get hush hush, sometimes (just sometimes) I do wish I could be footloose and carefree in New York, abandoning my world-weary, rush-hour, head-down, head-long work-day march. Well, if opportunity knocks, open the door sisters! Straight from Mercedes Benz, is a tour that melds sophistication, style, and star gazing.

A "Sex and the City" micro-site features a tour of Big Apple hotspots that the stars hit during the movie. The site will also offer photos, video clips from the film, downloadable content and behind-the-scenes shots of the recreation of Fashion Week in Bryant Park.

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