Monday, August 6, 2007

Argentine steakhouse - Caminito

What an auspicious Monday this is turning out to be, another Latin gem of a restaurant to try courtesy of NY Mag.

1664 Park Ave., nr. 118th St.;

The Argentine-steakhouse trend continues to beef up, with Gaucho Steak Co. in Hell’s Kitchen, Catch 22 in Williamsburg, and the yearling Buenos Aires downtown. What, exactly, does this South American variant offer that traditional New York steakhouses don’t? Lower prices, Malbec on the wine list, and often, in the great night-before-payday, cheap-meal tradition, gnocchi on the 29th of each month. That’s how it’s been at mainstays like La Porteña and Chimichurri Grill, and that’s how it will be at Caminito, a 45-seat hacienda opening this week in East Harlem. Chef-owner Fabian Manca grills everything from provolone cheese to blood sausage, and procures some grass-fed Uruguayan cuts like skirt, shell, and filet mignon. There are also the customary empanadas and veal milanese, plus perhaps the carnivorous country’s greatest contribution to fast food: French fries pungently bombed with garlic and parsley.

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