Monday, July 23, 2007

Blowin' Up: The New Brazilian

The querida amigas at published this "incredible, ‘investigate immediately!’, ‘life altering!’, ‘Where do I sign up?’" report

Blowouts are both the bane and boon of our existence. Doing the DIY blowdry is a chore, but the in-salon treatment is a genuine beauty escape. There's nothing like walking out of a beauty shoppe with a smooth, shiny head full of bouncing hair. We sometimes get so taken with the results that we roll down the block flipping the hair back and forth like a Flex commercial. Alas, the fresh feeling does not last forever and we must wash and dry on our own. Then the process of straightening out our unruly locks begins once again. However, leave it to those crafty Brazilians (who by the way, give the BEST blowouts) to bring their secret Escova Progressiva (a.k.a. Progressive Blowdry) treatment to the States. Just like the now ubiquitous Brazilian Bikini Wax, prepare yourself for the fanaticism that the aptly named "Brazilian Blowout" is about to cause. Unlike the Japanese Thermal Reconditioning Treatments of yore, the Brazilian hair straightening system is a Keratin based solution (which is essentially hair protein) that is sealed onto the "outer layer of the hair cuticle to trap moisture, hydrate the hair, and add a glossy veneer." Indeed there is a hot iron involved, but it can be used on most hair types as well as color-treated hair. Women who have had the treatment have wept with joy at the results. We're getting our Kleenex ready. To see if the Brazilian cocktail is served in your neighborhood, check out Brazilian Keratin or Brazilian Hair Straightening.
"Curls, Split! Ringlets, Be Gone!"

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